Thursday, July 23, 2009

Before the Memories Fade: Mukasa Dada (aka) Willie Ricks

The first interview I taped for this documentary was on May 29, 2009, with Mukasa Dada, who was known as "Willie Ricks" during the movement. I started the day in Lexington, Kentucky, and drove the 5 hours to Atlanta. Once there I set up in a hotel room in Buckhead.

When I called Mukasa to let him know I was ready, I got the usual enthusiastic greeting, "What's up brother Africa?" I don't know why but it does make me smile when I hear it. Enough on that matter. Mukasa arrived wearing a dashiki which showed he was in the spirit of the film. Actually, he is always ready to speak on the movement and the state of Blacks in America and the state of African people. Mukasa is a force. I mean the passion that he has to fight injustice comes through clearly. Did you know he is known as the person who came up with the phrase "Black Power?"

It was a great interview and a fine way to start this documentary. For more information on Mukasa Dada (aka Willie Ricks) do a Internet search on Willie Ricks and you'll find plenty.

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